The murderer has been accused of killing the captive that the child killer has killed a two-year-old daughter

An accusation was accused of killing a prisoner, resulting in a murderer’s murderer and killed his two-day-old daughter.
22-year-old Liam Dan admitted to kill her two-day daughter Luna at home house after the prison jail in the last month.
But yesterday the police said that Dain found dead in his cell in Hampshire Leeds on Sunday.
Another prisoner, John Westland, was charged with the charge of murdering Leeds Magistrate Court this morning.
Westland was thrown as a member of two police officers and a court escort staff as it was brought to the dock.
He surrendered a short hearing, just talking to confirm his personal details.
Westland was told that the trial is being delayed till Friday when he will come to Leeds Crown Court again.
On July 10, her mother was drowned in a fight against her mother Dona’s arm to get her sleep.
Deen, West Yorkshire lost from the Wakefield to lose its mood during the night and Loeon attacked after attack.
In an unfortunate attack, he sprinkled Luna on his face, squeezed his body and arm and shook it.
Luna was taken to Leeds General Information, where she died in close custody July 14.
Dan was imprisoned for the life of his life and was ordered to serve at least 10 years after the last month’s sentence.
Michael Smith, Prosecutor said that the wounds involved in this child’s brain, body and face wounds are included.
Mr Smith said: “He said he was responsible for all the wounds that had faced him and he said that Luna was not settled and lost control.”
Luna was born this year on July 9, and after this attack, Dayan told Ms. Bassi that the child fell.
Dan talked to his mother after being called an ambulance, says the child suffered difficulty breathing and fell and hit his head.
Parameters arrived and its face was felt.
Luna was taken to Leeds General Information, where he died close to July 14, three days after the attack.
A doctor concludes that Luna died after being trapped, and left her with “the wound of destructive brain”.
Police interviewed Dan while interviewing and acknowledged that he was responsible for attacking the child.
He recognized the face of the face on the face, squeezing and shaking his body and arms.
Richard Wright, representing the Dan, said that there was no explanation about his client’s behavior.
Mr Wright reads a sacrifice statement by Lona’s mother in the court.
He said: “Supporting the hospital will always be with me while looking at my life.
“I can not explain how he feels. I do not want him to be his worst enemy.”
Leader’s Recorder, Peter Collier judge, said: “You were looking after your two-day child.
“She was crying. You had no doubt and tired yourself, but you lost your fun.”

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