Do not help any lawyer to divorce the lawyer 7.8 million people have voted for legalizing similar sex marriages

A Sydney lawyer has offered her direct couple to support her bonus, who said that if Australia will be legitimate to marry for marriage.
Michael Tysey told Sydney’s family lawmaker and lawyers to that she left the Canberra couple and Sarah Jennifer wants to help her Australia maintain their promise.
On Wednesday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has announced that 62% of Australia has voted for the same sex marriage poster survey.
The highest number of votes was the Australian Capital Territory, where three of the Jinnen’s neighbors voted for the marriage of one single marriage.
When Jennifer siege across the country, in 2015, he promised to dissolve his marriage, although despite being too much in love, gay couples were also allowed to marry.
“My wife and I just celebrated my 10th birthday but later we can get a divorce.” Mr. Jennifer wrote in Canonra City News.
“My wife and I do not refuse to accept marriage rules as a matter of conscience, then she also admits the same sex couple in her appreciation.”
Despite the divorce’s decision, Mr Jennifer said that it would not be a traditional break.
“After our divorce, we hope that we will be together for 50 years. And according to God’s will, we will be more children. We continue to have ‘Husband’ and ‘wife’ together. Marry yourself before the church and before God. ”
Now, with just one gender marriage, possibly for weeks, many are thinking that Jennifer still wants to go into reality.
Mr Thirty said he is very happy in stepping into imagination and helping couple in their dark hours in a complex matter. He said “Christian hated hatred, wants to remember,” but he still wanted to help a very religious couple.
“I see it as a call to help, so my offer.
“My firm works very little in family law every year in gay, gay and transmission community, I thought that Nick and Sarah offered a support to my family’s family with specialists. It will be the best way, because they just need it. ”
Mr Tie said that divorce divorce is only acceptable under certain conditions, there will be a challenge in the decision of Jensen.
“The Family Law Act [State] The only source of divorce is that marriage has endured very much. It means that there is no suitable opportunity for the community to re-start their marriages.”
He also said that a couple need to be separated for a 12 month continuous period before the divorce.
As I understand as Nick and Sarah, he intends to divorce, but still lives together and more children stay. It makes things a bit difficult because they will fail to console the Consortium VAT.
“Continuing to present as a husband and wife in the world, in my opinion, make it impossible for them to end.
“This is a situation known as ‘marriage’, which is often experienced by gay couple who are married abroad but can not always divorce if they are separated in Australia Her marriage has not been published in 2004.
“I understand that it can be even more comfortable for Nick and Sarah, so I want to keep my contract closed to help them with these institutions.”
“The application can be ruined to end the failure, but it is worth a burst.”
As a result of gay vote vote, Jennifer is drying his powder on the future of his relationship.
Mr Jennifer refused to tell the news how, or really, the divorce plan continued. But talking about this week before Mailing, he said, “We just need to see legislation and if it’s all done.”
“Then we know what we are in and what we are going to do.”
After announcing the public divorce of Mr Jensen, 100,000 people called on ‘Nick and Sara Jensen’s divorce’s name’ on the occasion of Facebook.
After City News Article, Mr. Jennifer mentioned a piece for the Bible Society, who had announced them about the announcement of their divorce.
Those who were asked if divorce was a sin, Mr Jensen said that the couple did not consider depriving their “state marriage” because they are still “under God.” Will consider
He admitted that he and his wife did not meet the 12-month separation process to apply for divorce, but said that it meant that it was an easy way to distribute.
“This is a minor issue, however, if a simple ‘dispute’ option was available under any legislation against any law enforcement. If it is not available, perhaps a big legal challenge can be made.
“Some have painted our process as just a patent, which is a small reaction that does not want to share and can not succeed in winning only.”
But Mr Jennifer refused to be angry about the marriage issue.
“This decision is not due to any person disliked, whether the sex has been attracted or not, but how we understand about God’s marriage justified around it.”

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