After disappointing Turkmenistan, NATO forgave Turkey

NATO Secretary General Mustafa Taimat Atarak, the founder of Turkish founder and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, allegedly presented “enemies” during the military exercises during Norway.
Erdoğan said Turkey during the protest against this incident, attended the exercise in NATO’s joint venture-fierce center, Norway, Norway, in which 40 its soldiers attended.
He said in an address to the provincial leaders of his ruling party, “There is no such alliance, no such alliance.”
NATO Secretary General Jens Stolenberg issued a statement: “I am sorry for the crime.”
He said that this incident was the result of “individual actions” and did not reflect the ideology of the alliance.
Stolenberg said, a person was described as Norway as a second civilian contract and was not removed from the practice, but was investigated.
“It would be to decide on any arrangements for Norwegian authorities,” Stoltenberg added. “Turkey is a valued NATO Alliance, which plays a vital role in the coalition’s security.” Jordan said that atatürk’s image and his own name was included in the “enemy chart” during exercise.
The Joint Wave Ferrer Center is a multi national NATO unit located in the Stenzers, which is located 300 km southwest of Oslo. It is currently under the leadership of Major General Andres Redwood, Poland. According to its website, it has a staff of 250 people with 11 non-member states including Turkey.
In March, the Norwegian government refused to return to the country after the failure of Turkey’s failure to fail in Turkey. The Norwegian-based five Turkmen officers caused anger in Turkey by political asylum.
Five officers said that they are in Turkey for fear and violence.

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