Iran FM cautions neighbors, says they looking for distress in Iran

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s outside priest has cautioned neighboring nations over instigating weakness in his nation, a reference to hostile to government challenges that have irritated Iran in the course of recent weeks.

Mohammad Javad Zarif tended to a security meeting in Tehran on Monday, reverberating the Iranian experts’ position which charges that remote nations have blended up turmoil connected to the challenges.

Zarif says that “no nation can make a protected domain for itself to the detriment of making uncertainty among its neighbors.”

The authority IRNA news organization cited Zarif as saying that “such endeavors” will just blowback.

Iranian experts have said in the previous couple of days that the dissents — which at first vented outrage at financial troubles however later observed demonstrators requiring the oust of the legislature — are winding down.

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