Macedonia sees seek after end to name question with Greece

SKOPJE, Macedonia — Macedonia’s representative PM has communicated confidence over reestablished endeavors to determine a decades-in length question with neighboring Greece over the Balkan nation’s name that has kept it out of NATO.

Bujar Osmani, Macedonia’s representative PM accountable for European joining, revealed to The Associated Press on Thursday that the two nations were focused on finding a “satisfactory arrangement” to the name issue, taking note of the “general sentiment weariness” over the 25-year question.

Macedonia picked up autonomy from Yugoslavia in 1991. Be that as it may, Greece says the republic’s name infers a regional claim to its noteworthy Macedonia locale and backers an alleged “composite name” arrangement.

Greece, a NATO part, obstructed Macedonia’s participation.

Osmani met with Greek authorities in Athens this week. The two governments said they wanted to have the contradiction settled by summer.

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