Rabbani cautions against rising nexus of US, Israel and India

ISLAMABAD: Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani has cautioned the Muslim world that the rising nexus between the United States, Israel and India is a noteworthy risk to the ummah.

As per an official statement issued by the Senate secretariat on Wednesday, Mr Rabbani sounded the notice while tending to the thirteenth session of the Parliamentary Union of Islamic Countries (PUIC) being held in Tehran.

He said that Pakistan firmly restricted the US endeavor to modify the legitimate and authentic status of Al Quds, including that the move was an outright infringement of universal law and United Nations Security Council’s resolutions.

The co-supporting of the UN determination on the Al Quds issue had brought US weight on Pakistan and the Muslim world ought to understand that, the Senate director said.

“Today it is Pakistan and Iran, tomorrow it can be some other nation. We should … transcend disruptive clashes be it partisan, ideological or common. I recommend that the path forward lies in upgrade of multi-stratum participation in territories, for example, economy, exchange, foundation, venture, training, wellbeing, science and innovation, agribusiness, vitality and safeguard.”

He said that Pakistan had borne the brunt of the war on fear for more than one-and-a-half decades. A large number of Pakistanis — military work force and regular people — had lost their lives and nearly the same number of had been harmed and injured, he included.

Regardless of that, Mr Rabbani stated, Pakistan would keep on playing a proactive part against this tide of fanaticism and political agitation.

He called for aggregate endeavors to find the hazard of psychological warfare and said that the Muslim world must not let a modest bunch of radicals and transnational fear mongers to insult Islam for their personal stakes. He focused on the requirement for advancing the genuine picture and message of Islam as a religion of peace, resilience and regard for human poise, rights and flexibilities.

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The Senate executive said that being an intense institutional voice of the Muslim world, the PUIC could assume a critical part (in such manner) through chose delegates of individuals.

He named the PUIC a stage forward for expanded commonly valuable joining inside the Muslim world as it imagined the “reinforcing of contacts, participation and coordination between different Muslim nations’ parliamentary, administrative and non-legislative orga­ni­sations, with the point of propelling basic targets”.

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