HIV positive Rotorua man imprisoned for sexual infringement

A HIV-positive Rotorua man who sexually abused a more youthful man has been sent to jail for four and a half years.

Timi Hohepa, 51, was condemned in the Rotorua District Court today in the wake of confessing toward the begin of his planned trial a year ago to a charge of sexual infringement by unlawful sexual association.

In spite of the fact that the casualty, who was 18 at the time, did not contract HIV, he continually lived in fear he would get the ailment, the court heard.

The evening of the culpable, Hohepa, the casualty and others were drinking at a grill. Around 11pm, everybody left separated from the casualty and Hohepa.

Judge Tony Snell said the casualty nodded off in a seat and woke in the early hours of the morning to discover Hohepa playing out a sexual follow up on him.

A capable casualty affect explanation was perused to the court for the benefit of the casualty.

In it he said that in spite of the fact that tests had demonstrated he had not contracted HIV, he needed to take hostile to viral solution for five weeks that influenced him to feel unwell and brought about sensational weight reduction.

The casualty said in his announcement Hohepa had “prepped” him by become friends with him.

“I thought of you as an individual from our family. You urged me to drink liquor so I go out so you could sexually ambush me.”

The casualty said to do that knowing he was HIV-positive was “horrifying”.

“I feel sold out, hurt and lost … I believed you … I can’t believe my general surroundings and I hurt candidly once a day.”

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He said he couldn’t proceed with a typical life and would not like to meet new individuals.

“I am continually totally worn out from remembering this fear you put me through.”

The casualty said he sought Hohepa was imprisoned after quite a while and that while inside he tended to whatever it was that influenced him to have those “corrupted and debilitated” contemplations.

The casualty said he was resolved to see out the court case and not let this demolish his life.

“You didn’t anticipate that me will tell my family what happened. You thought you would escape with it. I will mend and I will recuperate … I am solid.”

Judge Snell said Hohepa had been imprisoned in 2008 for a comparative offense. He additionally had five other irrelevant feelings.

A pre-sentence report said Hohepa denied he was to blame and asserted the casualty agreed. The report said he just conceded so he would get a shorter correctional facility term.

From that point forward, Hohepa had recognized he was to blame and had composed a letter of regret to the court.

Judge Snell said he considered Hohepa’s culpable ruthless. The casualty had portrayed Hohepa as a kaumatua of their group and Judge Snell said he was a man considered “an attendant of customs and whakapapa”.

In declining Crown Solicitor Amanda Gordon’s ask for to force a base time of detainment, Judge Snell said he had an expression of guidance for Hohepa.

“In the event that you keep on denying the culpable or put the fault on the casualty, you won’t be acknowledged to do the courses in jail you are qualified for.”

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Judge Snell said if Hohepa did not finish those courses, he would not be considered for parole.

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