As it happened: Blackcaps versus England – T20 Tri-Series Game 4

Britain 184/9 (Target 197) New Zealand win by 12 runs.

So a genuinely necessary win for New Zealand. On the off chance that the can get a win in both of their last two diversions they will play Australia in the last in the not so distant future. Discussing Australia that is who NZ has next … on Friday at Eden Park.

twentieth Over: England 184/9 Rashid 8 (6) Wood 5 (3)

Boult to bowl the keep going and he is on a cap trap.

He can’t get it. Rasid sneaks a shameless 2.

Four. Wood swings and it goes over the guardians head.

Three sixes expected to win … nope .. speck ball and the Blackcaps will win this.

Four off the last ball … Rashid gets it oast fine leg however it’s insufficient.

nineteenth Over: 172/9 Rashid 1 (3) Wood (0)

Southee will bowl his last finished … Britain require 29 from 12 balls.

Wicket: David Willey run out (Seifert) 21 (10)

This is extraordinary from Southee … simply the 3 keeps running from 4 balls. Willey on strike now.

He can just marshal a solitary … one to come in the nineteenth.

Idealize from Tim and he NZ may have a run out … frantic run and Willey is gotten short. Incredible over from Southee.

eighteenth Over: England 168/8 Willey 19 (7) Rashid (0)

Boult to bowl his third. He has been costly going for 28.

Wicket: Chris Jordan b Boult (6)

Wicket: Liam Plunkett b Boult 0 (1)

Four. Boult goes short and Jordan say’s ‘Much appreciated’ and crushed it to square leg.

Out! Boult get’s him with the yorker. Flawless Trenty!

To start with ball! Plunkett charges the yorker and it goes directly through him. Boulty on a cap trivk next finished.

seventeenth Over: 160/6 Willey 18 (6) Jordan 1 (2)

Santner to bowl his last.

Wicket: Dawid Malan c Boult b Santner 59 (40)

Six! Malan goes huge once more. Over mid-wicket. Britain in front at this point.

Out! he can’t get the majority of that one. Tries to go over long on however he dioesn’t get enough on it and Boult keeps running in and takes the catch.

Dropped! Jordan escapes with that one! Southee drops a goober. Straight to him and he seemed as though he was agreeable yet it goes down!

sixteenth Over: England 149/5 Malan 51 (37) Willey 17 (5)

Sodhi will bowl his last finished.

Six! Willey from his first ball. Over mid-wicket. What a shot.

Six! Dropped! Willey goes enormous again however not exactly enough on it and Santner has a shot yet he objective guardian’s it over the limit rope. That could be tremendous. 18 off the over.

fifteenth Over: England 131/5 Malan 50 (36) Willey (0)

Santner is back.

Wicket: Sam Billings c Sodhi b Santner 12 (11)

Great begin from Mitch. Only a solitary from the initial two balls.

Santner escapes with a full hurl … straight to the midwicket defender along the ground.

Out! Exceptionally very much knocked down some pins Mitchell. Buoys it up – Billings on the trudge clear yet he gets a best edge and Sodhi takes a pleasant catch a short fine-leg.

Six and a wicket. Extraordinary over for NZ. Malan has fifty,

fourteenth Over: England 125/4 Malan 47 (34) Billings 8(6)

Southee is back – England require 80 from 42 balls.

Four. Truly necessary off the fourth ball. Billings shakes back off a short ball and lifts it past the fine leg defender for four runs.

thirteenth Over: England 117/4 Malan 47 (32) Billings 2 (3)

Huge Colin proceeds.

Three off the initial four. Malan needs to go huge once more.

Four. Furthermore, he does. Through spreads. Incredible shot … simply merciless.

twelfth Over: England 109/4 Malan 40 (29) Billings (0)

Sodhi again into the assault.

Wicket: Jos Buttler c Southee b Sodhi 2 (4)

Six! Malan goes colossal! On the trudge scope and it goes far finished mid-wicket. Ruthless shot from Malan.

Four. Malan on the turn around clear next ball … goes over short fine leg and that is another four.

Out! Resembled a six off the bat yet the breeze takes a few to get back some composure of it and Southee positions himself under it and takes it at long-off. Colossal wicket. A touch of fortunes as Buttler got the greater part of that.

eleventh Over: England 97/3 Malan 29 (26) Buttler (1)

Enormous Colin de Grandhomme into the assault.

Wicket: James Vince run out (Williamson) 10 (7)

Shot! No. Would have been a screamer. Malan goes over cover and Santner rns around and plunges however can’t pull it in. It streams over the limit for four. Would have been the catch of the season.

Run out! Vince on the attempt at manslaughter yet Williamson gets to it rapidly at mid-off … hits direct and Vince is shy of hos ground.

7 and a wicket off that one. The amusement is on Buttler’s bat. He is the enormous wicket for NZ.

tenth Over: England 90/2 Malan 23 (20) Vince 10 (6)

Colin Munro gets a moment over.

Six: Effortless from Vince over long-on. That was a grand shot by the new batsmen.

Pleasant rebound from Munro … 8 off that over.

ninth Over: England 82/2 Malan 22 (19) Vince (2)

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Sodhi to proceed.

Wicket: Alex Hales c de Grandhomme b Sodhi 47 (24)

Four. Turn around clear by Malan. Brilliant shot.

Out. Half tracker from Sodhi and Hales crushes it straight to de Grandhomme. Sodhi escapes with a stunner there yet he has knocked down some pins well with no fortunes until at that point.

eighth Over: England 74/Malan (17) Hales 47 (23)

Colin Munro to bowl his different kinds.

Two off the initial four balls yet England have gone huge late in overs today around evening time.

Extraordinary over Colin! Simply the 3 runs.

seventh Over: England 71/1 Malan (15) Hales 46 (20)

Here comes Ish Sodhi.

Four. Picked the googly and Malan whips it through spreads for four.

Six. Hales pulls out all the stops off the last ball. Had been an incredible over to that point yet Hales just propelled into that … goes for broke however it pays off.

sixth Over: England 60/1 Hales 40 (18) Malan (10)

Southee replaces Santner.

Southee taking the pace off. Malan is on the assault yet he can’t escape yet.

Nearly gets this show on the road a wicket off ball 3. Malan on the draw from a moderate bouncer and he nearly hits it straightforwardly to de Grandhomme yet it gets to him on the bob.

Four. Malan times that one. Same shot however ideal out of the center and in the middle of the two limit riders.

Fortunate! Incredible ball from Southee. Malan gets the edge and nearly plays it on. It leaves for three.

fifth Over: England 51/1 Hales 39 (17) Malan 2 (5)

Boult is back.

Six! Hales on the maneuver and it’s into the stand. That was a long way from middled too so demonstrates the power Alex Hales has.

Hales trudges and is nearly gotten at mid-off. Doesn’t exactly convey.

Four. What a shot off an awesome yorker. From center stump he manages it through ravine for four.

Six! Short and Hales crushes it. Crushes it! Hige six.

Four. Hales goes again finished gorge for four. 20 keeps running off that Boult over.

fourth Over: England 31/1 Hales 19 (11) Malan 2 (50

Santner will proceed.

This will be a record run pursue at Westpac Stadium if England can pursue it down.

Four. Hales shakes back off a short one and forces it through mid-wicket. Extraordinary shot Alex Hales.

Advance for LBW on Malan off the last ball however it pitched outside leg.

third Over: England 23/1 Hales 13 (7) Malan 1 (3)

Tim Southee into the assault.

Wicket: Jason Roy c Boult b Southee (8)

Out! Southee has one from his first ball. Roy tries to lift it over mid-off however he gets zero planning and Boult takes a sitter.

An awesome over is polluted somewhat as Hales whips the fifth ball through point and the last ball straight down the ground. Nine and a wicket off that one.

second Over: England 14/0 Roy 8 (7) Hales (5)

Mitchell Santner will open up. Fascinating.

Decent begin from Santner. 2 off the initial four balls however he can’t keep it up as the fifth ball is full and wide and Hales whips it through the off-side.

first Over: England 8/0 Roy 8 (6) Hales (0)

Trent Bout to open up … Jason Roy on strike.

Boult begins well. Initial four balls spot on. No runs yet.

Four. Roy is in progress. Short and he shakes back and controls it through square-leg.

Four. Make that two out of a line. Through spreads. Short again however outside off and he shakes back and controls it through to the cover limit. Britain away.

New Zealand 196/5 (Refresh your program for the most recent score)

That is an entirely decent outcome for New Zealand. Pitch looks dreadful on the eye however played extremely well. Williamson and Guptill played sublimely while the two debutants, Chapman and Seifert indicated why they merited choice witha couple cameo innings.

Be back at 8.50pm for the England pursue.

twentieth Over: New Zealand 196/5 Seifert 14 (6) Taylor (1)

Chris Jordan to bowl the last finished.

Seifert has his initial two worldwide keeps running of his second ball after a swing and a miss first time up.

Six! Seifert goes over point. Extraordinary shot from a half volley and wide and he crushes it over the limit.

Six! Consecutive from the debutant! Over long off. What a splendid shot. 200 is on.

Seifert swings and misses. One ball to go.

One keep running off the last ball. Another swing and miss from Seifert yet he completed an awesome activity thus did the Blackcaps.

nineteenth Over: New Zealand 181/5 Taylor 1(1) Seifert (0)

Check Wood back for his last.

Wicket: Mark Chapman c Billings b Wood 20 (13)

Six! Chapman goes blast! Over mid-wicket for another huge six. Incredible shot and this youthful fella has enormous power.

Dropped! Charging puts it down at mid-wicket. Not coordinated from Chapman and he flicks it straight to Billings can’t get under it. It was low however he ought to have grabbed that one.

Chapman playing mind amusements with Wood. Movig around the wrinkle – Wood tries to figure which way he will go yet he hurls it down legside for a wide.

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Out! Chapman dispatches again yet this time he can’t get enough on it and Billings offers some kind of reparation.

eighteenth Over: New Zealand 169/4 Chapman 12 (8) Taylor (0)

Jordan back in now.

Wicket: Kane Williamson b Jordan 72 (46)

Two spots to begin. Williamson hoping to trudge … pleasant slower balls from Jordan.

Third bundle of the over is conceivably the greatest wide I have ever observed. Jeepers it missed the pitch.

Three keeps running from four lawful balls so far … Would jordan be able to complete off as he began?

Out! Splendid playing to end an awesome thump. Williamson moves over his stumps and goes for the lap shot however he plays it onto his stumps. Wonderful over from Chris Jordan.

seventeenth Over: New Zealand 166/3 Williamson 71 (41) Chapman 11 (7)

David Willey once more into the assault.

Williamson hits another hole and it seems to go for four through cover however Malan influences an awesome stop to keep it to two to runs.

Six! Chapman pulls out all the stops! Brilliant shot over square leg … flicked it yet with gigantic power. Very much played young fellow.

Audit in advance for LBW. Chapman on the draw and misses a slower ball. Given not out and England need to observe it. Ball tracker says it is absent.

sixteenth Over: New Zealand 154/3 Williamson 66 (38) Chapman (4)

Check Wood once again into the assault.

Goodness! Six! Gigantic six from Williamson over mid wicket and that is his fifty! What a sound that made.

Six! He goes again finished fine leg. That is just about a superior shot as he goes down on one leg!

Williamson experiences mid-wicket … it would appear that it will go for four however the two defenders consolidate to keep the four. Awesome work.

Four. Williamson in incredible frame today around evening time. This time he hits the hole. 20 keeps running off the over.

fifteenth Over: New Zealand 134/3 Williamson 47 (33) Chapman (3)

Plunkett to bowl his last.

Six! Williamson as straight as you get … over the bowlers head. Extraordinary shot.

Chapman survives his first ball … hits it back to the bowler. No run.

Chapman has his first keep running off his second ball.

fourteenth Over: New Zealand 122/3 Williamson 39 (30) Chapman (0)

Rashid to bowl his last … 0/33 up until now.

Wicket: Martin Guptill c Plunkett b Rashid 65 (40)

Wicket: Colin de Grandhomme c Jordan b Rashid 0 (1)

Dropped! Gotten and played shot for Rashid. Williamson crushed it back on his right side yet Rashid couldn’t clutch it.

Out! Rashid has Guptill however it was somewhat fortunate. Full hurl down leg side and Guptill hits it straight to Plunkett at short fine leg. Decent thump from Guppy.

Colin de Grandhomme is the new man.

Out! De Grandhomme gone first ball. What a catch. Colin crushes it to long off and Jordan takes a one gave shocker and just remains in the field of play. Splendid.

thirteenth Over: New Zealand 119/1 Guptill 64 (38) Williamson 37 (26)

Plunkett to bowl his third finished.

Plunkett knocking down some pins exceptionally well … changing his pace well. Two keeps running from the initial three balls.

Cursed him … Wide ball from the fifth ball …

Truly jinxed him. Williamson lifts a full bunger over square-leg for six.

twelfth Over: New Zealand 109/1 Guptill 63 (36) Williamson 30 (23)

Chris Jordan again into the assault.

Great shot from Williamson through the spreads yet an enormous prevent from Willey avoids four.

Guptill is in incredible scratch … wide ball from Jordan and he controls the ball to the crevasse limit for another four.

10 keeps running from that over.

eleventh Over: New Zealand 99/1 Guptill 57 (33) Williamson 27 (20)

Rashid to proceed.

Immense six from Guptill and that is his fifty! Over wide long-on this time on the trudge clear. Extraordinary shot and incredible innings.

Furthermore, he goes enormous next ball! Amazing! Relatively roofed it over mid-wicket – same shot. Fifty association up. Great Guppy as his head remained down.

tenth Over: New Zeland 83/1 Guptill 43 (29) Williamson 25 (18)

Willey once again into the assault.

Williamson cover drives for four. Vintage Kane there – incredible shot!

Also, now Williamson runs with a level draw shot that nearly conveys for six. Another heavenly shot from the captain.

ninth Over: New Zealand 71/1 Guptill 42 (28) Williamson 14 (13)

Rashid to proceed.

The single dry season is broken. Guptill crushes his over mid-wicket. Immense shot.

eighth Over: New Zealand 60/1 Guptill 33 (24) Williamson 12 (11)

Plunkett to bowl his second.

Blackcaps attempting to break the shackles … last nine scoring shots all singles.

Simply the four singles off that over. Decent difference in pace playing from Plunkett.

seventh Over: New Zealand 56/1 Guptill 31 (21) Williamson 10 (8)

Adil Rashid into the assault – supplanting Wood.

Really sensible cricket in that finished for New Zealand brings six singles off Rashid’s first.

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sixth Over: New Zealand 50/1 Guptill 28 (18) Williamson 7 (5)

Liam Plunkett into the assault to supplant Willey.

Couple singles for the Blackcaps from the initial 3 balls.

Williamson smokes the last ball through the spreads for four … incredible certainty promoter for the captain.

fifth Over: New Zealand 42/1 Guptill 26 (16) Williamson (1)

Stamp Wood changes closes.

Wicket: Colin Munro c Billings b Wood 11 (13)

Guptill goes blast over cover for four … fierce shot, nearly conveyed for six.

What’s more, Wood has him! Munro tries to crush him over the square-leg limit yet he can’t get enough on it and Billings takes a sitter.

Gracious holy cow!!! Williamson nearly run out first ball! Never a keep running there, straight to the bowler who had a half-hour to toss the stumps down however he misses.

fourth Over: New Zealand 33/0 Guptill 20 (13) Munro (11)

Chris Jordan replaces Wood.

A couple pleasant speedy singles to begin the once again for Guptill and Munro. Decent shot from Munro … he pulls Jordan over short fine-leg for his second four.

Munro nearly got off the last ball at profound square leg … it just misses the mark regarding Malan.

third Over: New Zealand 26/0 Guptill 19 (12) Munro 5 (6)

Willey will proceed.

Three fours of every a line for Guptill … he flicks Willey through square leg.

Make that four!!! Sublime straight drive..16 off his last 4 balls.

Last three balls are dabs from Willey. Pleasant rebound.

second Over: New Zealand 17/0 Guptill 11 (7) Munro (5)

Check Wood to bowl.

Munro straight drives the main ball for four … stunning shot.

Guptill nearly cleaves on from ball 3 yet it just scratches past off-stump.

Flawless shot through mid-wicket for Guptil and he has his first limit and he gets his second off the following ball with the slope cut.

first Over: New Zealand 4/0 (Guptill (3) Munro 1 (3)

David Willey will open the knocking down some pins for England with Martin Guptill taking strike.

Guptill away off the principal ball with a couple. A major piece of the pitch turned out after the ball reached … not great.

Munro charges his second ball and misses – and the ball creeps over the highest point of off-stump. 4 off the first.

6.59pm: Williamson will bat 3, Chapman 4 and Seifert 7 with de Grandhomme elevated to 6.

6.56pm: Players and umpires out on the recreation center to pay tribute to the late Bevan Congdon who passed away two days prior.

6.52pm: Former England batsmen David Lloyd has put the onus on Adil Rashid to bowl England to triumph today around evening time – he has a decent record in short-frame cricket against New Zealand including a 6-wicket sack three-years back in England.

6.46pm: Colin Munro has scored right around 35% of all New Zealand’s keeps running in the T20 amusements he has played for the current year. He is the way to a major aggregate for the Blackcaps.

6.44pm: Every diversion in this arrangement the group batting initially has lost – awful sign for the Kiwis? We might see.

6.41pm: Cool detail – Mark Chapman scored 100 on make a big appearance for Hong Kong in 2015. Would he be able to back that up today?

6.38pm: The wicket looks peculiar – exposed patches al over it, lumped in with some grass. Easy decision to bowl first.

6.36pm: Eion Morgan won’t play – Jos Buttler to skipper England. Both new faces in the Blackcaps have been chosen … debuts for Tim Siefert and Mark Chapman.

6.35pm: England have won the hurl and will bowl first.

Much obliged to you for going along with us for live updates from Wellington’s Westpac Stadium where New Zealand have England in Game 4 of the T20 Tri-Series.

The two sides are yet to enroll a win, New Zealand losing its opening amusement to Australia in Sydney while England have lost two straight to David Warner’s side.

The two skippers are under damage cloud and may not play – we will have hurl and group news at 6.35pm.



Jason Roy, Alex Hales, Dawid Malan, James Vince, Jos Buttler, Sam Billings, David Willey, Adil Rashid, Liam Plunkett, Chris Jordan, Mark Wood

New Zealand

Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson, Mark Chapman, Ross Taylor, Colin de Grandhomme, Tim Seifert, Mitchell Santner, Tim Southee, Trent Boult, Ish Sodhi

Frame Guide

New Zealand: LLLWW/England LLLWL

Match Officials

Umpires: Wayne Knights (NZ), Paul Wilson (Aus)

Television umpire: Shaun Haig (NZ)

TAB Odds

Straight on: New Zealand $1.92 Australia $1.82

Top run scorer NZ: Colin Munro $3.75, Colin de Grandhomme $10.00

Top run scorer AUS: Jason Roy $3.75, Jos Buttler $6.00

Updated: February 13, 2018 — 11:10 am

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