Pakistan top court prosecutes serve in hatred case

ISLAMABAD — Pakistan’s best court has prosecuted a clergyman in a scorn case for basic addresses he made after the court precluded previous PM Nawaz Sharif for disguising resources.

Danyal Aziz, a decision Pakistan Muslim League party pioneer and priest for privatization, argued not blameworthy Tuesday.

The Supreme Court had paid heed to discourses made by Aziz a year ago and he was accused of blaming the court for predisposition against Sharif and sparing resistance pioneer Imran Khan from exclusion.

The court set a hearing for March 26 for witness declaration.

Not long ago, the court sent decision party Sen. Nihal Hashmi to jail for a month for talking against the legal.

The court precluded Sharif a year ago on charges originating from spilled papers from a Panama law office.

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