Russia is providing security to fans of weapons

Moscow – Russia has provided security to the weapons of the armed forces, who will visit Moscow for the conflict of opposition to the Europa League in the heat of the alternate emergency, about the harmful of a former dual operator.

Moscow announced a 23-day British military strike on Saturday, which was denied in London’s “provocative” timing reaction during the serial operator’s attack on Sergey Scrape and his little girl in England. .

Russia warns people to eliminate the same number of Moscow representatives Wednesday that they want to move in Russia.

In addition, Secretary Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson said on Friday that “it is possible” that Russian President Vladimir Putin and the attack were requested.

Kremlin called his comment “Stunning and Incredible.”

All of them have threatened to scare the possibility of playing CSKA in Moscow on April 12.

An armed supporters called on a Friday “a hot potato of a prospective view of political settlement.”

The club respected a foreign office tourism alert on its website to “enemy interests or enemy forces.”

The Russian World Cup, Alexei Sackovine of the trucks’ management board, expressed disappointment about the problem and said that fans of weapons have nothing to fear.

“This is a shame that the entertainment will be played in this situation,” said Sakkovine, a senior individual of the Russian Football Union.

“We will go through all the steps to protect security,” Sakkov told Tass.

This may happen, in addition to this, after the Friday Europa League, to establish a foreign tourism tourism alert, it implicated the intentions of surrender.

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He said, “There is no difference between us, which comes from the people of the country or we have strategic ties with us.”

“There is no justification for such notice.”

Sokkovine has fought a hard work in the house to clear Russia’s image before the first World Cup.

June 14 to July 15 is related to the close relationship with Vimirim Putin, as Russia’s leaders promoted the rights of England from 2010 to England in 2010.

Consultants are instant to determine each of the discussions and does not help the harmful case.

Due to concerns related to the organization’s concerns and doping concerns, arrangements have only been scheduled to make Russia perform piving in winter sports under the neutral Olympic Banner.

England’s Prime Minister Thesa chose to announce herself to the World Cup that the Royal and priests will not have to go.

England’s group calls for a blacklisted media and some British parliamentarians, despite far-being ideas, are considered incredible.

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