SkyBit Championships claim to claim Golden Booth: Who will win?

Mathew Wadra and Lewis Grabbin have a neck and neck reaching the end of the week for the Sky Bat Championship Golden Boot.

Here, we investigate the superintendents and pigs in a few days of summer …

Metro Vedra, Derby – 20 Objects

Due to the last session of weather dairy in the house against potatoes, the Matrimonial Wedding is the most loved to win honor. More than 20 people have died in this season till the next round, and want to come to them on Sunday to play with some goals in the Pied Park.

“I’ve never made my choice before Golden Boot or in any way,” said Vedra. “However, I have already said that this is not about winning my goals, goals and help, that is about winning. This event can score the goals and win the group match, especially As important, this is a surprise for me. ”

Sky bit possibilities: 10/11

Gernobon has consisted of his overall revenues for two groups during the advance of Bernamour, spent the main part of the season in Sandland. He coincides with one of the 19 entertainments 12 to fight black cats, and later became pure eight times for Villa. During the last day of the season, Millwall faces a lot of excitement.

“This is a decent season for me, at the level of an individual, Cinderland’s goals are estimated, and I took the most of my chance in Aston Villa after participating in January.” Is”. “However, I am right in this event, I am not a player who is encouraged in any way or way.” My strength is on villa and is trying to restore the club to the Premier League. . ”

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Sky-bit possibilities: 6/4

Bobby Red, Bristol City – 19 Objects

In this season, Red Change on the Most Invasive Parties has paid profits for themselves and the Burst City, because they monitor 19 goals in 45 goals. Her frame has reduced a bit in the last piece of the season, however, yet she gives the opportunity to get an opportunity to finish the war with any person who is on Sunday on the Sunday Shuffle United Can kill a couple of

“It will be a huge success for me, my family and club.” Red said. “It’s something I’ve never thought, maybe a wonderful booty can be successful.” There is a lot of cautious work and I just appreciate the procedure. ”

Sky Betting Possibilities: 6/1

Leone Clarke, Sheffield United – 18 Objectives

The second largest level in Clark’s past was Chefelfood, almost 10 years ago Wednesday, Wednesday, now that he pulls a moment for a teacher’s stricker in the past to influence his 18 goals.

He was helped by a stunning November, in which he scored nine times in four amusement stages, 5-4 against the movie, and Holly and each of the hats included each of the traps. What Billes make a line in the last fun for Bristol City.

Sky-bit possibilities: 28/1

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