Streak flooding strikes from Colorado to Maryland

Streak flooding on Tuesday extended the distance from Colorado to Maryland.

Arlington, Virginia, saw 1-2 crawls of rain in around 60 minutes, while in Fort Collins, Colorado, overwhelming precipitation joined with a deluge of hail in under one hour to fill lanes and slow down vehicles.

A few sections of focal Florida have seen just about a foot-and-a-half of rain in the course of the most recent 10 days, and more probable is en route.

The National Hurricane Center today is watching a low-weight territory in the Caribbean that has around a 50 percent possibility of forming into a tropical or subtropical twister by the end of the week.

Low weight is relied upon to move into the southern Gulf of Mexico by late Friday or early Saturday, with substantial rains on its eastern side.

By Saturday evening and into the night, substantial rain from the low weight will spread into Florida, spreading more remote into the Gulf Coast locale as Sunday approaches.

Substantial precipitation is normal consistently, with 3-6 inches expected for some, Gulf Coast locales. Southern Florida may see more than 10 crawls in a few sections.

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