The legendary Brazilian tennis player Mario Bone died

São Paulo – The “Queen” of the tennis won the “Queen”, which won one of the three titles of three Williamson and four American championships, patient patient died on the age of 78 in São Paulo at the age of 78. had gone.
Since last year, he was suffering from cancer from mouth and entered the hospital in May.
According to the International Hall of Fame, he was named “São Paulo Nگل” for the ability to control NATO after entering 1978, Bueno did not have a young siege despite a formal coaching.
After winning Italian champions in the year 198, filled the scene of Brazil, then the Caribbean circuit, and caught international attention, killed the best English and Australian players.
That year, he went to win Williamson Ww with American Alta Gibson. And even though he told the journalist that “I fear everyone,” his glory was started only at that time.
On Friday, Beyonno’s death came to dominate Brazil’s Twitter, which was a tribute.
Brazilian president Michael Taylor wrote on his official account, Bonnas will always be remembered as a number of tennis batsmen in Brazil’s hearts. ”
“On the court and on the floor, Bonona always demonstrated” a lot of battles. “Brazil’s tennis player, Abdur Hadad said.
“They were playing an important role in our country, where some people knew this game and once everything was more difficult,” said Tennis player Thomaz Beloksey.
He was known for his stylish and exciting interest, he was the first South American woman to win the Wimbledon singles title.
– ‘Beautiful Queen’
One of the tennis authors, John Barat, called it “the beautiful Queen of Brazil Tennis”.
One of his main titles, when the big tournament stood on professionals, was Australia’s legendary 1961 Open Douglas Court.
Another double partner Billin Jane King, with whom he won the title of Williamson in 1965.
“In my time, tennis was absolutely amateur. I used to take two rugs in a tournament and Wimbledon won the prize of winning 15 Vouchers,” he said in a 2015 interview with the Youtube Channel Sourdt Patto Final.
“But through the game I have added things that can not buy money. I also met Pope and Princess Diana.”
After several years of Retirement, he was an expert on the Brazilian TV.
In World No. 1 1959, 1960, 1964 and in 1966, Beyon was the finest player in Brazil, received 19 Grand Slam titles. These include the titles of Williamson Singles in 1958, 1960 and 1964, and the American National Championship – Former American Open – 1959, 1963, 1964 and 1966.
He also won the French Championship final in 1964 and Australia in 1965.
Bueno was consultant for Sportv for several years and commented on the match with Gustavo “Gaga” coat, which is the second Brazilian tennis legend in Brazil.
She is always smiling in the presence of her television, Bano continued playing for the past year, when she was surrounded by a disease.

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