Putin: 25 million cyberattacks foiled amid World Cup

MOSCOW — President Vladimir Putin says Russian and other security administrations foiled about 25 million cyberattacks connected to the World Cup.

Putin reported the thwarted assaults after Sunday’s World Cup last — and just before meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump, who is confronting developing worries about charged Kremlin interfering and Russian cyberattacks on the U.S. constituent framework.

In comments discharged Monday by the Kremlin, Putin said the endeavored cyberattacks focused on “data foundation” connected to the World Cup, yet did not intricate.

He talked at a gathering with delegates of 55 knowledge units from 34 nations who took a shot at anchoring the competition.

He said that because of Russia’s tight security there were no “genuine occurrences” and “individuals who went to our nation truly felt they were protected.”

Putin’s authority has been set apart by his reinforcing of the nation’s security administrations.

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