Soundbite from telephone call with respect to RTS disappointment on July 25 sent to FIA for legal review

Race Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Wednesday said that a soundbite from a telephone call — made on July 25 in regards to RTS disappointment — has been sent to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to figure out who had given the guidelines.

Individuals from the ECP imparted this data to the Senate Standing Committee on Parliamentary Affairs amid a preparation on the supposed disappointment of RTS on race night.

At the beginning, the advisory group communicated disappointment at the ECP Secretary Babar Yaqoob Fateh’s nonappearance from the gathering.

“The by-surveys are going to happen and the ECP secretary isn’t even in the nation,” individuals from the board of trustees commented when they were informed that Fateh was abroad on an official visit.

A letter from the ECP to the FIA was additionally delivered amid the instructions, led by Senator Sassui Palijo. The letter, dated August 30, said that a USB drive containing the soundbite has been sent to the FIA to run legal tests to distinguish the individual that had made the telephone call.

As per the letter, FIA has been requested to react to the issue quickly.

The Senate advisory group was informed that the RTS had just yielded 20 for each penny results when it was tried in PP-20 (Chakwal) in front of the General Elections.

“Various returning officers in the region did not have the sort of cell phones required [to transfer the results],” the ECP individuals said.

At this, Senator Javed Abbasi inquired as to why the ECP had not questioned the utilization of RTS on the off chance that it had such blames.

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“Indeed, around then, the ECP had professed to have a reinforcement of the framework,” Abbasi brought up.

“The ECP had communicated its reservations with respect to the RTS framework. Indeed, it was said on May 21 that the RTS preliminary had fizzled,” Senator Palijo said accordingly.

As per individuals from the ECP, the RTS was not part of the Election Act [then bill] till August 6, 2017.

“The framework was made piece of the bill on August 22, 2017,” an individual from the ECP said.

The RTS discussion

The RTS discussion came to surface when consequences of the races were suddenly halted around midnight after the daylong surveying. Later ECP Secretary Fateh showed up on TV screens and educated the baffled country that the RTS had “crumbled” and that the ECP was currently coming back to the customary and manual strategy for arranging the outcomes and, in this manner, there could be an unnecessary deferral in the declaration of the informal outcomes.

As indicated by sources, not long after the secretary’s news meeting, the senior and best authorities of National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) — the makers of the RTS portable application — had challenged with the ECP and guaranteed that the RTS was completely practical and they additionally gave some narrative proof to demonstrate their case.

Be that as it may, Nadra authorities were essentially told by ECP authorities that they had chosen to quit utilizing RTS since it had begun “breaking down”.

The RTS was created by Nadra after a concurrence with the ECP in February when the commission wanted to get the outcomes specifically from surveying stations as done by daily paper and TV columnists. The framework, they stated, was intended for the fast declaration of the outcomes for the media through the ECP and that was the reason its connection was given to the PTV.

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Some Nadra authorities affirm that maybe it was the ECP’s own exorbitant Result Management System (RMS), introduced at the workplaces of the returning officers (ROs) for arrangement of the outcomes, that had quit working and the commission had put the fault on Nadra just as a concealment as the RTS and RMS were autonomous frameworks and there was no coordination between the two programming projects.

Then again, a representative for the ECP had negated Nadra’s case that the RMS had bombed on the decision night, repeating the position that the RTS had smashed.

He asserted that Nadra was making these cases just to shroud its own “shortcomings”.

PPP Secretary General Farhatullah Babar had expressed that customarily the surveys day control occurred in the RO workplaces at the season of union of results and the RTS had been acquainted with diminish the job of the ROs.

“The RTS worked flawlessly well on the decision day for a few hours until the point when somebody was frightened by prospects of wiping out the job of ROs through and through and chose to end it,” he had asserted, while requiring a “measurable review” to discover answers to various inquiries.

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