Writer Alice Walker condemned for help of essayist’s book

NEW YORK — Pulitzer Prize-winning essayist Alice Walker and The New York Times are drawing fire after she adulated a writer who commentators say communicates hostile to Semitism and is an intrigue scholar.

In a meeting in Sunday’s “By The Book” section, the 74-year-old writer of “The Color Purple” said David Icke’s 1995 book, “And The Truth Shall Set You Free,” is on her end table. She said “in Icke’s books there is the entire of presence, on this planet and a few others, to consider.”

A New York Times representative says the section isn’t a rundown of suggestions from its editors, and “the subject’s answers are a reflection on that individual’s close to home tastes, assessments and decisions.”

A phone message looking for input was left with Miller’s delegate.

Icke is a British creator.

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