Inquiries over installments including child of Brazil president

RIO DE JANEIRO — The child of new Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is battling off doubts of budgetary abnormalities that are beginning to cast a shadow over the new organization.

Globo TV and day by day Folha de Sao Paulo state budgetary controllers are investigating $1.8 million in installments to the previous driver of Sen.- choose Flavio Bolsonaro. Some originated from the more youthful Bolsonaro’s workers.

The news associations likewise state controllers are examining 48 money stores of $530 each to the congressperson choose.

Flavio Bolsonaro told a TV questioner Sunday that the stores originated from a land deal, however didn’t clarify why they were in real money. He denies bad behavior and says previous driver Fabricio Quieroz ought to clarify alternate installments. Be that as it may, Quieroz hasn’t spoken openly.

The controller’s office declined remark on the reports.

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