Publication: Can the green shirts turn things around before the World Cup?

Cricket flop

THE Pakistan cricket group’s dull show in South Africa where they were whitewashed 0-3 in Tests other than losing the ODI and T20 arrangement has terrified our cricket-insane country and constrained the commentators to approach the PCB to embrace pressing remedial measures.

Despite the fact that the group’s chart in global cricket in the previous two years had remained very amazing with wins in England, Ireland and Zimbabwe, it is presently starting over from the beginning with progressive annihilations against New Zealand in the UAE and now South Africa, which have brought up significant issues about Pakistan’s capacity to withstand quality resistance, particularly in the more extended form of Tests.

Actually at no time amid the African Safari, aside from in two or three ODIs which they won, did Sarfraz Ahmed’s men look sufficiently aggressive or show strength or even seemed like assembling their demonstration to challenge the hosts.

In spite of the ability, regardless of a flock of mentors going with the group, in spite of generous presentation, it was a similar old story of humiliating batting breakdown, dropped gets and poor bowling while fans continued sitting tight for that snapshot of characterizing abroad triumph.

There is not kidding work to do with both bat and ball if fortunes are to change.

Green, quick paced tracks should supplant the featherbeds at home and in the UAE which have given a bogus sentiment of prevalence over the players.

While many have seen through the fa├žade, the board keeps on boasting over the group’s triumphs at ‘home’ which in the long run prompts disasters, for example, the one in South Africa.

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The bowling, as well, is one-dimensional. Pakistan need the physical assets just as the intangibles to move on from a decent group to an incredible one.

Sound strategies, quiet demeanors, steady frames of mind, natural match mindfulness and a talent of winning the key minutes are unique characteristics that characterize incredible groups and which Pakistan appear to need.

With a normal group time of under 30, they are sufficiently youthful to begin assembling these characteristics on the off chance that they are resolved to turn things around before the World Cup in May.

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