Official raps ROK exercises close Takeshima

MATSUE (Jiji Press) — An administration official scrutinized sea exercises by South Korea close to the Sea of Japan islands of Takeshima, at a yearly service for the islands on Friday.

South Korea “is proceeding with activities that ought to never be disregarded,” Hiroshi Ando, parliamentary bad habit serve at the Cabinet Office, said at the fourteenth function. He was alluding to a South Korean research transport as of late exploring regions close to the Japanese islands, adequately constrained by South Korea.

The Japanese government will fearlessly disclose its situation to South Korea and will manage the issue with tolerance, Ando said.

It was the seventh straight year that a parliamentary bad habit serve has gone to the function.

The Shimane prefectural government assigned Feb. 22 as Takeshima Day in March 2005 to honor the declaration of its purview over the islands, which are known as Dokdo in South Korea.

Somewhere in the range of 460 individuals went to the occasion, including previous Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Hiroyuki Hosoda, chose from a Shimane body electorate, and eight other national officials.

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