Norway’s ex-PM requests that world help defuse Pak-India pressure

ISLAMABAD: Former Norwe­gian head administrator Kjell Magne Bondevik on Sunday said that there was no uncertainty that human rights were being abused in India-held Kashmir and asked the worldwide network to assume its job in defusing the pressure among India and Pakistan activated by the Pulwama episode.

Addressing writers alongside Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan at Kashmir House, he said that at whatever point India was asked by different countries to address the Kashmir issue it said it was a two-sided issue.

“On the off chance that [for the purpose of argument] it is a two-sided issue, still discourse ought to be begun between the two nations over the issue of Kashmir. There can’t be military answer for the Kashmir debate and, consequently, the two gatherings should begin an exchange,” he recommended.

He engaged the two nations to quiet down the circumstance, including that the United Nations had passed various goals about Kashmir as human rights were being damaged there.

The two nations encouraged to begin discourse

“I propose the two nations ought to stay away from utilization of power and locate a tranquil answer for the issue. The worldwide network ought to likewise assume its job in tending to the issue,” he said.

In answer to an inquiry regarding the Kashmiri individuals’ entitlement to counter since they were confronting suppression on account of the Indian armed force, the Norwegian head said that brutality was not an answer for the issue and ­whereever it was utilized it was condemnable.

Talking on the event, the Azad Kashmir president said that in spite of the fact that the United Nations give an account of the infringement of human rights in India-held Kashmir was considerable, the UN expected to do significantly more to determine this long debate.

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“At present, the area is very nearly a war. Mr Bondevik is a ­neutral individual and he needs to address the issue of Kashmir and we value his endeavors and aims,” Mr Khan said.

He said that a political development was going on in the held valley and there was no uncertainty that Kashmir was a ­disputed region.

“The district can’t wind up serene except if the underlying driver is tended to and India ought not prevent the directly from securing self-assurance to the general population of Kashmir,” he said.

He said that Indian explanations after the Pulwama assault had expanded the strain in the area.

The AJK president said that India had expanded killings in involved Kashmir and amid the recent days it had captured more than 200 ­people.

He said India’s endeavors to dive the two nations into war only for winning races would be an incredible habit and New Delhi ought to control from completing any kind of animosity as it could ­engulf itself on fire.

The oppression India was submitting against Kashmiris was a noteworthy issue than the Pulwama occurrence, he commented.

He said he needed to disclose to India that discretion was a superior medium to address the Kashmir issue.

The AJK president said the whole remote media and parliaments, particularly the European Union Parliament, were raising their voice for the Kashmir issue and no measure of Indian constraint could stop the opportunity battle of Kashmiris.

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