UAE says its first space traveler going into space in September

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has declared the date the main space explorer from the Gulf Arab country will go into space.

The UAE said on Monday it will send either Hazza al-Mansoori or Sultan al-Neyadi to the International Space Station on September 25 on board a Russian Soyuz rocket.

Coordinators had before said they would report the space traveler who was going yet rather gave only the dispatch date.

Dubai’s ruler Sheik Mohammed receptacle Rashid Al-Maktoum had officially declared the space explorers’ names last September.

The UAE has a juvenile space program with enormous desire. It propelled its first privately made satellite KhalifaSat from Japan in October. It needs to dispatch a test to Mars in 2020.

The UAE likewise says it needs to colonize Mars by 2117, with a completely working city of 600,000.

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