‘Outright living hellfire’: Clive man confounded after three robberies at home in seven days

Hawke’s Bay man Marcus Louisson says his life is a “living hellfire” after three robberies, including a startling home intrusion, in the previous week.

The criminals have taken everything from his clothing to the remotes for his alert framework, abandoning him dreading if, or when, he will be focused straightaway.

At 6.15am on Saturday, February 23, Louisson was having an espresso in his home on Goulter St, Clive, when two vehicles dismantled up to his garage.

Under the suspicion they were plantation laborers, he went to welcome them, however was confronted by four men.

“When I opened the entryway, two Māori folks came round the corner and one of them was dressed all in red – they were certainly posse folks,” Louisson said.

He said they requested medications and cash, yet when he said he didn’t have that, there was a “fight” and they compromised to “beat” him up.

“As I figured out how to make tracks in an opposite direction from them, two more showed up, so there were four of them, and I can’t deal with four folks, perhaps one however not four.”

Louisson, in his mid 60s, fled to his neighbor’s home, awakening them simultaneously, and called the police.

Amid that time, the “baldfaced” criminals scoured his home, pulling off his wallet and a Rolex watch in the four minutes the house was empty.

The past night, Louisson was focused by who he accepts were similar individuals who took the remotes for his caution framework.

The guilty parties additionally stole things including a $6000 espresso machine and bicycle, and even close to home assets including all his clothing and hankies.

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At that point on Thursday evening, Louisson’s shed was focused on and a pontoon and apparatuses taken.

“It is a flat out living hellfire And I’m only not responsible for any of my stuff any longer,”

Louisson said.

He wanted to move in with his sister and doesn’t have an inkling what’s on the horizon with the home he has claimed for as far back as a half year.

“I’m exactly confounded.”

A police representative said they had gotten protests regarding robberies at Louisson’s location.

They said they had “lines of request to development” and would stay in contact with the unfortunate casualty as the cases advanced.

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