Eye to eye with an executioner: One man’s near disaster with Christchurch shooter

At the point when Ross McGuiness heard weird commotions outside his home on Friday evening, he never expected to encounter a shooter.

Forty-nine individuals have been slaughtered in assaults on Christchurch mosques, with all the more truly harmed. Police additionally found and debilitated a few extemporized dangerous gadgets.

From his home, McGuiness heard the initial two shots.

“We were taking a gander at one another while it seemed as though he was reloading his rifle,” McGuiness disclosed to Newshub’s National Correspondent Patrick Gower.

“We gazed at one another. He was putting another magazine… we were simply taking a gander at one another.”

McGuiness reverberated different observer reports that the shooter was wearing “SWAT gear”, including the assailant “looked arranged”.

“I thought he was the police,” he conceded.

McGuiness said the man shot out the back of a vehicle’s window before discharging towards a motel at that point sped through a convergence.

The Christchurch inhabitant didn’t see anybody harmed and hypothesized the experience may have been before the mosque shootings.

Three individuals stay in police care, with one man accused of homicide. He’s set to show up in court on Saturday.

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