‘It’s a repulsive day’: Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel responds to ‘stunning’ assault

The city hall leader of Christchurch, Lianne Dalziel, is encouraging the general population of Christchurch to remain inside as she responds to the “stunning episode”.

“It’s a loathsome day, this has been an unfathomably stunning occurrence,” she disclosed to Magic Talk.

“I could never have anticipated that anything like this should occur in the city of Christchurch. I could never anticipate that anything like this should happen to New Zealand.”

She is as of now in lockdown inside the board building.

Dalziel had been in Cathedral Square to get an open letter from the understudies dissenting, some of whom are currently with her and other staff.

“We’re taking care of a portion of the understudies who were on the atmosphere rally today. They are protected here. We will keep them here until police say they can leave.”

She is asking individuals to remain quiet and repeated a critical message from police to avoid the focal city, including that in the event that anybody is inside a structure to remain there, as it is more secure.

Dalziel is working with police who have informed her once however expects another refresh soon.

All the board structures are in lockdown and police are asking for all focal structure proprietors avoid the city.

Police have affirmed a genuine guns occurrence near the focal city.

“They are having another instructions right now so I am wanting to get a refresh soon.”

She said officers are treating it “all around genuinely” and effectively attempting to get the issue leveled out.

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