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Urooj Mumtaz Khan may have left the Pakistan ladies’ cricket group quite a while in the past. In any case, there have been things about her that have not given individuals a chance to overlook this previous national chief who, as an all-rounder, dependably driven her group from the front. She is smart, knowledgeable (she’s a dental specialist by calling), vigorous, reliable, dependable, deferential, elegant and balanced, however never glad and a decent game over that from the very begin. A dynamic pioneer all through her playing days, regardless she stays one as she ventures into her new job as the principal lady boss selector of the new three-man choice advisory group declared by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on March 20.

As a major aspect of its technique to additionally fortify the ladies’ diversion, PCB named another three-man choice board to be led by the previous commander with previous players Asmavia Iqbal and Marina Iqbal as the other two individuals.

About the new determination panel, the board’s overseeing chief Wasim Khan said before that they have extraordinarily gotten players for it who, until all around as of late, have been associated with white ball cricket. “This adjusts in all respects pleasantly with the PCB’s vision of giving a situation where ladies’ cricket flourishes as well as where we can build our pool of players so it can economically develop and thrive.”

From speaking to the national ladies’ group with a lot of achievement to turning into the Pakistan Cricket Board’s first lady boss selector, Urooj Mumtaz Khan’s games direction is one that sprouting cricketers can gaze upward to

The new determination board of trustees has been introduced after the board headed by previous men’s Test player Jalaluddin and previous worldwide Akhtar Sarfraz, finished their separate terms a month ago.

“Pulling in ladies with the significant ranges of abilities and an enthusiasm for the diversion was basic while shaping this new board of trustees. Offering merit-based chances to uncommonly capable ladies who can help drive and impact the diversion spells another and energizing period at the PCB,” says Khan.

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Discussing her job as boss selector, Urooj says that, not at all like men’s cricket where the choice board of trustees contains five individuals, for ladies’ cricket a three-part council should do the trick. “There is still not as much cricket action occurring for ladies here right now as there is for men,” she calls attention to.

“As boss selector I will go wherever they hold camp on the grounds that simply seeing score sheets doesn’t help. Somebody’s 20 runs might be superior to anything somebody’s 50 as that young lady may have scored those valuable keeps running in the most troublesome of circumstances. So score sheets don’t enlighten you concerning player personalities,” she includes.

Other than heading the new ladies’ determination panel she is additionally part of the PCB Cricket Committee headed by Mohsin Hasan Khan with Wasim Akram and Misbah-ul-Haq as different individuals. She is the main lady there however the most applicable individual for conveying forward PCB’s vision for ladies’ cricket.

About the board of trustees she says it is a warning council which was shaped in November a year ago. “In light of our perceptions we make recommendations about the general cricket structure in the nation. Obviously I have been acquired explicitly to investigate ladies’ cricket issues,” she says.

In the wake of leaving the group, Urooj concentrated on her profession as a full-time dental specialist just as on her home. She likewise has a games appear on TV and is hitched with a youthful girl. Three-year-old Haya is as vigorous as her young mother in any case, in contrast to her, she is more into football and cycling.

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Urooj is very certain about satisfying every one of her obligations. “I realize I am juggling a great deal yet I have dependably been completing 10 distinct things together for my entire life. Here I should thank the PCB executive Ehsan Mani sahib and overseeing chief Wasim Khan for appearing in my capacities. It is their faith in me that has helped a multi-tasker such as myself approach,” she says.

Urooj, who is as yet youthful (she’s 33), says that she is cheerful to have left cricket when she did. “I was exceptionally youthful when I joined the national group in 2004 and I realize regardless I had a couple of good playing a long time in front of me when I left in 2010. However, I never planned playing for 10 or 15 years as I had faith in moving to one side and giving new players a shot,” she says.

Also, what sort of ability would they say they are getting these days? “Young ladies who have energy for the game should come up in spite of the absence of guardians’ help or cash,” she says. “I have seen young ladies achieve the local dimension in any case, since there is no cash there, they frequently leave, which is miserable.

“That is the reason I need to make local cricket proficient for young ladies, where they are paid for their exhibitions. There is a need to cross over any barrier among expert and local cricket. We are a cricket insane nation, so why not? We have to make pathways through a decent five to 10 years’ arrangement to convey more young ladies to cricket,” she says.

Having dependably been keen on games, Urooj additionally has a dark belt in Taekwondo. What’s more, she is Karachi Gymkhana’s table tennis victor and wants to play golf also. Cricket happened to her in the wake of watching her dad and maternal uncle play the diversion at Gymkhana. “My dad, who is likewise a dental specialist, used to play veteran’s cricket at the club. I was six or seven years of age when I joined the young men’s under-7 cricket group there, which my partners didn’t care for particularly at first,” she snickers at the memory. “Be that as it may, I was a decent player so they held me,” she says.

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From the U-7 group, Urooj continued to move to the U-9 young men’s group and after that to the U-15 young men’s group, trailed by getting to be chief of the U-17 young men’s group. “As chief I wouldn’t settle on order and wellness and because of this I influenced a significant number of my colleagues to sit out on a few events. Despite the fact that they more likely than not reviled me in those days, they are my greatest fans now,” she grins.

Having played with young men made it exceptionally simple for her to make a move to the national ladies’ group, however Urooj says that ladies’ cricket in those days was treated in a significant unprofessional manner. “I understood this much more when playing district cricket in England,” she says. “There is a need to rebuild the whole structure of ladies’ cricket here. We need more offices, instructing programs, umpiring projects.” And she cautions, “The manner in which ladies’ cricket is evolving now, in the event that we don’t adjust to it, we will be deserted far in the diversion.”

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