Golf: Patrick Reed got down on about web-based social networking for how he exhibited Tiger Woods’ green coat

Being given the green coat for the fifth time after his first Major success in 11 years was a unique minute for Tiger Woods.

It was a minute opponent Patrick Reed would not like to be a piece of.

Be that as it may, being solicited to do the distinctions from displaying Woods his green coat as the active victor, Reed essentially carried out his responsibility, muttered the words “definitely amigo” and left stage left.

Without any expressions of congrats or a handshake offered, Woods basically absorbed the minute tongue in cheek announcing, “it fits”.

Clasps of the hardened conventions at Augusta National have since circulated around the web via web-based networking media with golf fans getting out Reed for the manner in which he displayed Woods his coat in The Butler Cabin.

“Is it me, or did Patrick Reed need literally nothing to do with that function?” one client posted, while another stated, “You can be a piece of history and you can’t shake Tiger’s hand? Stunning. What a man you are Patrick Reed”.

Another remark read, “Hello Patrick Reed would it have executed you to shake @TigerWoods hand in the wake of putting the green coat on him? I get it’s actually evident what they state about you.”

Reed and Woods’ contention goes back to the 2016 Ryder Cup when the pair conflicted on the course.

As Reed gloated about his structure, Woods got him out saying, “Don’t stress, Patrick, you just need 74 additional successes and 14 additional majors”.

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