Priest attacks lady and little girl in the wake of saying he has ‘uncommon mending forces’

A self-broadcasted Taoist priest in Hong Kong attacked a mother and her little girl to exorcize abhorrent spirits, a court was told on Friday.

Yuen Ming-kuen, 57, told the ladies he had unique mending forces to consult with spirits and cleanse them through religious customs that included contacting their bosoms and privates.

Security monitor Yuen additionally struck the mother’s head more than once amid what he called a “battle with abhorrence spirits having the lady”, the District Court heard.

The man asserted he had taken in such techniques from an arhat – an individual who has achieved nirvana – in his fantasies.

However, agent locale judge Terence Wai observed these to be “crazy stories” and indicted Yuen for six tallies of foul ambush and one of attack occasioning genuine substantial mischief.

“The respondent was a deceptive man,” Wai said. “His demonstrations were all piece of a trick.”

Yuen kept his eyes shut as Wai related how he had utilized different reasons to attack the mother on six events in seven months before grabbing her little girl, 15, while she dozed on March 29, 2017 to “check whether she had been tainted by toxic substance” found in bodies.

Neither one of the women could be distinguished for legitimate reasons.

The court heard Yuen was first acquainted with the mother on August 26, 2016 when her companions orchestrated a Taoist priest to visit her level since she had griped about it being spooky.

Yuen said he detected malevolence spirits in the house and fixed the premises before grabbing the lady, guaranteeing her bosoms and vagina were harboring spirits and hurtful globules created by the spirits assaulting her.

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Two comparable medicines were performed on September 3 and 23, amid which Yuen detailed seeing the apparition of an unborn tyke disturbing the lady since she had a premature birth.

On every one of the three events, Yuen said he had acquired agree to contact the lady amid his HK$7500 treatment.

The injured individual paid HK$2,500 altogether to Yuen, as she didn’t have enough cash.

Be that as it may, he likewise grabbed the lady’s bosoms without her assent on different events since he guaranteed he didn’t need the spirits to hear his arrangement and she was in an excessive amount of torment for him to defer treatment.

Dr Lee Yiu-fai, an abbot of Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple brought by the indictment, said Taoist ceremonies could never include sex or physical contact, and clarified Buddhist practices were considerably stricter.

The judge likewise saw on Friday the mother’s wellbeing had intensified since Yuen started his treatment and closed she had just “reluctantly assented” to the physical contacting in light of the fact that she felt defenseless.

He absolved Yuen of one other check of foul attack since the mother had neglected to give predictable subtleties on what occurred.

In alleviation, barrier counsel Paul Wu contended neither one of the victims had referenced any mental injury because of his customer’s ambush and asked the judge not to call for effect evaluation.

The judge disagreed.Wai likewise thought that it was important to evaluate Yuen’s mental condition, considering he had transparently ambushed the ladies while others were in the room.

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Further alleviation, pending these evaluations, will be heard on June 13 preceding Yuen is condemned on the next day.

Obscene attack is deserving of 10 years’ detainment.

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