Naagin 3 composed update, January 26, 2019: Bela offers naagmani to Sumitra; Vish bites the dust

Naagin 3 composed update, January 26, 2019: Bela offers naagmani to Sumitra; Vish bites the dust

In the most recent scene of Naagin 3, Bela and Vikrant achieve the caverns to get the naagmani. Vish gets stressed for Mahir and takes a stab at calling him, yet Sumitra alongside his relatives and vultures encompass Vish. Sumitra compromises Vish and gets some information about Bela. Vish won’t disclose to her reality.

Vish gets stressed for Mahir and Sumitra says that Vish is a piece of her arrangement. Sumitra tosses bel patra on Vish and she tumbles down. Bela discloses to Vikrant that the naagins shield naagmani from others. Bela reveals to Mahadev that she is in threat and requirements the naagmani to ensure her friends and family. Naagmani comes in Bela’s grasp and she guarantees to return it.

Bela and Vikrant hurry to meet Vish and Mahir. Yuvi asks Sumitra is she certain Bela will return home. Sumitra reveals to him that Mahir is with them and Bela will get Naagmani.

Bela and Vikrant reach Sehgal house and see Sumitra’s men standing. Vultures encompass Bela and Vikrant and request naagmani. Bela consents to give them naagmani and tosses it. Naagmani breaks into pieces and Rinki says that Sumitra will murder them in the event that they become acquainted with that naagmani has been broken.

Amita reveals to Rinki that genuine Naagmani will never break. Bela reveals to Vikrant that Sumitra gets shoddy things for Kuhu and Andy. They intend to cover up in the crate and go inside the house.

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Sumitra ties Mahir and keeps him inside the water tank and Vish is tied and kept in the water. Mahir shouts Vish and requests that her assistance them and calls Sumitra. Alekh and Ramona begin giggling seeing the water tank filling.

Bela and Vikrant look for Vish and Mahir. Vish tumbles down from the seat. Sumitra and others encompass Bela and Vikrant and inquire as to whether they brought Naagmani. Sumitra guides them to tail them and Bela and Vikrant get stunned to see Mahir and Vish’s life in peril.

Vish figures out how to free herself and go to the container. Sumitra asks Bela to offer Naagmani to her. Bela cries seeing Mahir endure. She advises Sumitra to stop the water as Mahir is feeling choked. Vish endeavors to climb the container.

Bela at last consents to hand over the naagmani to her. She requests that he free Mahir and Vish. Sumitra asks Rinki to stop the water. Sumitra sees the naagmani and gets upbeat. Vish figures out how to take Mahir out from the water however Rinki pushes her in the water box. Vikrant and Bela hurried to spare Vish and Mahir.

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Amita advises Sumitra to give a lot of naagmani. Sumitra requests that they twist down and demand them. She calls the naags and requests that they secure Naagmani. Vikrant and Bela consume Vish’s body and cry.

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