Salman Khan’s substitute profession for Katrina Kaif is to “get hitched and produce kids”

Salman Khan’s substitute profession for Katrina Kaif is to “get hitched and produce kids”

He’s done it again and we’re feigning exacerbation.

Salman Khan simply doesn’t have an inkling when to stop, isn’t that right?

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Amid a fast flame round with Bollywood Hungama – as a feature of his up and coming film Bharat advancements – Salman Khan said something exceptionally wrong AGAIN.

The show’s host asked him, ‘If not an on-screen character what might the accompanying individuals be?’ and gave him a rundown of A-listers, one of whom was of Katrina Kaif.

After an uncomfortable silence, wherein, mind you, the host additionally proposed that Kat could be a maker, Salman dropped this pearl: “If Katrina Kaif isn’t entertainer she ought to be hitched and produce kids.”


We’re so happy Katrina didn’t timid far from getting him out and cut him off saying, “In the event that I was not an entertainer what calling would I be, he’s inquiring. Would I be a specialist, would I be an architect?”

What’s more, the reaction was a recognizable, “What amount?”

We get that Salman can’t see a lady’s abilities past getting hitched and having youngsters – not that that excuses him from his ancient convictions – however how about we hold the mansplaining to a zero. Ladies can choose for themselves whether they need to get hitched and have kids. It’s likewise very humiliating that somebody like Salman who has known Kat personally throughout recent years can’t think about a substitute vocation for her other than parenthood.

Maybe his reaction wouldn’t have been as excruciating to hear on the off chance that he had given the equivalent absurd answer when discussing different entertainers he was gotten some information about. Like Aamir Khan who Salman thinks “will be exceptionally effective in whatever he’d be” and Shah Rukh Khan who he accepts “can do anything and be great at it.”

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Be that as it may, clearly with regards to ladies, he can’t grasp something besides marriage and youngsters. For instance when he was gotten some information about Alia Bhatt his reaction was a quick, “I don’t have a clue what she would do.”

A strong expression of exhortation Salman, conceal any hint of failure and quit giving meetings.

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