Genomic testing the way to deciding wellspring of Auckland COVID-19 episode, says master

Genomic testing the way to deciding wellspring of Auckland COVID-19 episode, says master


Certainty is overflowing in one genome sequencing master about New Zealand’s progressing reaction to COVID-19.

Dr Jemma Geoghegan from the University of Otago says albeit one of New Zealand’s. COVID-19 cases isn’t connected to the Auckland group, there’s no compelling reason to freeze.

“We have signs that the genome matches one from a lodging laborer. So there is a connection there that is connected to a returning voyager,” she told Newshub.

The positive case is an upkeep specialist at the Rydges in Auckland.

Dr Geoghegan says genomic testing will be vital to the Government’s COVID-19 reaction.

“Individuals have begun to understand its significance and it’s place in this reaction is extremely incredible particularly when we don’t have the foggiest idea about the wellspring of a flare-up.”

She depicts genomic testing as recreating a “genealogical record” for the infection, to follow where it began.

“At the point when an infection is passed from human to human the infection changes or transforms marginally so these transformations are gotten starting with one individual then onto the next,” she said.

“By remaking the genome of the considerable number of cases in New Zealand we can all the more precisely decide the wellspring of the flare-up.”

Now the wellspring of Auckland’s episode is as yet obscure – one hypothesis is it could have been dispatched .

in with the cargo dealt with by the main man who contracted it – a laborer at Americold in his 50s.

Testing of the strain of COVID-19 shrunk by the man’s family recommended the strand started in the UK or Australia, yet it was not satisfactory how it wound up in Auckland.

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Since last Tuesday, New Zealand has recorded 70 instances of network transmission, with everything except two distinguished in Auckland. Two were recorded in Tokoroa.

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