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Lebanon's Harry has left Saudi Arabia for the sake of France

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri was planning to leave Saudi Arabia for Friday, the move tried to avoid his position in Riyadh. Lebanon’s main reason is that France’s President Emmanuel Mullon has confirmed Monday with the political opposition of the Paris Monday that he was basically imprisoned by Saudi experts. Harry met France’s Foreign Minister […]

After disappointing Turkmenistan, NATO forgave Turkey

NATO Secretary General Mustafa Taimat Atarak, the founder of Turkish founder and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, allegedly presented “enemies” during the military exercises during Norway. Erdoğan said Turkey during the protest against this incident, attended the exercise in NATO’s joint venture-fierce center, Norway, Norway, in which 40 its soldiers attended. He said in an […]

A bomb blast near the political party in Kabul killed 14 people

KABUL: Authorities on Friday killed a suicide bomber at least 14 people. In a brief message by the Supporting Propaganda Agency in the attack, the militant Islamic state (IS) group claimed that the attack resulted in militants attacking the destructive show of power. The supporters of criticism of the powerful governor of northern Balkh province […]

Nazi and Pyramid: What is really going on in Antarctica?

Antarctica is one of the last remaining places on earth, so little amazing ideas are happening at the bottom of the world, which are actually occurring. Diagnostics about the Nazis and military operations hidden from secret pyramids, is a favorite theme for many people across the continent internet. So what’s going on in Antarctica? Flat […]

Dear Alam: Congratulations Australia, but embarrassing your government

OPINION: It was expensive, controversial, and for a long time, but Australia has finally taken action in the right direction. The Rainbow flag had passed around the world because the moments of joy and moments had been captured when Australia voted for the same sexual marriage. Over 12.5 million votes, and officially all states and […]

Do not help any lawyer to divorce the lawyer 7.8 million people have voted for legalizing similar sex marriages

A Sydney lawyer has offered her direct couple to support her bonus, who said that if Australia will be legitimate to marry for marriage. Michael Tysey told Sydney’s family lawmaker and lawyers to that she left the Canberra couple and Sarah Jennifer wants to help her Australia maintain their promise. On Wednesday, the Australian […]

The Landlide Electoral Commission for Democrats in Tongue's election

announced the results of the country’s snap general election. Antonio News reported that Democrat won one of the 17 election seats in which the party The government will help to set up. After this photo of King Tongo VI, this photo was selected when he rejected the unexpected prime minister, ‘Aklese Poho, dissolved the Tonga […]