Couple arraigned for parts in Ohio killing, evisceration

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — A couple have been charged for their claimed parts in the killing of an Ohio lady whose appendages were found in a cooler.

Twenty-seven-year-old Andrew Herrmann and 27-year-old Michelle Lee Ihlenfeld were prosecuted Thursday in Mahoning County. Herrmann is accused of racketeering, messing with proof and manhandle of a body. Ihlenfeld is accused of racketeering, terrorizing and obstacle of equity.

Experts say Herrmann helped cut off 28-year-old Shannon Graves’ arms and legs and break down her middle in corrosive after her ex murdered her. Her appendages were found in a cooler in Campbell (CAM’- uhl) in July 2017. Ihlenfeld is accused of making dangers and blocking the examination.

The ex, 32-year-old Arturo Novoa, was arraigned last September for bothered murder.

Court records don’t demonstrate whether Hermann or Ihlenfeld have lawyers.

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