Heath Morris imprisoned for life for killing his mate Oliver Johnston

A young person who fiercely slammed a dozing mate to death, and has never clarified why he did it, has today been imprisoned for something like 13-and-a-half years.

Heath Eric Morris, 19, conceded killing 20-year-old Oliver Johnston, otherwise known as Oliver Greene on June 24 a year ago at Morris’ family’s Woodend Beach way of life square, 20km north of Christchurch.

Today, Morris was condemned to life detainment with a base non-parole time of 13-and-a-half-years at the High Court in Christchurch.

Exactly why Morris killed Johnston that day stays “unexplained now”, Crown investigator Barnaby Hawes said.

Resistance counsel James Rapley QC portrayed the wrongdoing as “illogical”.

“It’s difficult to see how Heath winds up in this position,” Rapley said.

“His folks and more youthful sibling are at a misfortune, attempting to fathom what has happened to their child, sibling, who carried on with an ordinary life and who they adored.”

Morris had verbalized “some regret and knowledge” to a post trial supervisor, Rapley stated, and that he was grieved and wishes he could “rewind the night”.

Equity Dunningham revealed to Morris it shows up he delighted in a typical childhood in an adoring, stable family who must be as “baffled and damaged” by what he has done as every other person.

The main peril motions in a pre-sentence report is Morris’ earlier hitting the bottle hard and experimentation with medications, for the most part cannabis, however twice with MDMA which finished in him being hospitalized. His folks state he indicated suspicion after the two scenes.

Be that as it may, the judge said the truly upsetting thing was that there is no “smidgen of a clarification” for what he did that night.

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She portrayed it as a severe, unmerited assault “on somebody who thought you were his companion”.

The court heard that Morris and Johnston met at a drive-through eatery in Christchurch toward the beginning of June 2018.

They started mingling and on Saturday, June 23 a year ago they’d orchestrated to meet at a gathering in an enclosure close to a backwoods in Webbs Rd, Amberley, composed by some neighborhood adolescents on Facebook.

The pair headed out to the gathering freely and arrived about 7pm.

Amid the night, they mingled and drank together with various partners.

Somewhere in the range of 7pm and 1am, Morris drank up to 12 whiskey and cola pre-blended beverages, the rundown of certainties says.

Later on, Morris and one of his mates got into a battle with different partygoers and a while later, Morris, Johnston, and another partner were driven back to Morris’ home at Jelfs Rd, Woodend Beach, touching base about 1am.

Amid the short drive, Morris said to his partner situated next to him: “Will we execute Oliver?”

As per the rundown, he at that point stated, “Brother, nobody’s going to miss him”.

He rehashed the remark around multiple times amid the voyage.

When they returned home, they went into the fundamental house and prepared and ate some sustenance.

They at that point went into a little rest out 15m far from the Morris family home.

Morris and Johnston played computer games on the Xbox while their partner rested on a sleeping pad close-by.

Sooner or later amid the night, Johnston has taken off his shoes, got into a camping bed and nodded off on a bedding on the rest out floor.

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Morris has gotten a “hitting execute with a 30mm round-formed end and struck the injured individual on various occasions to one side of his head and face”.

“The power of these blows was adequate to break the injured individual’s skull in various areas and break his jaw and cheekbone as well,” the court heard.

The wounds were “unsurvivable”.

Morris expelled Johnston’s body from the rest out while the partner was still snoozing.

He hauled him down a solid way, over a rock carport, and through a hole in the fence into a little grass enclosure.

Morris has then covered Johnston with soil from a nearby enclosure, alongside some long grass.

He’s at that point returned to the rest out and started cleaning the floor and sleeping pads with a shower disinfectant and material.

While he was concealing his tracks, the partner woke up and saw a lot of blood on the bedding by where he was dozing.

When he asked what occurred, Morris answered that he had “broke Oli in the lip”.

Inquired as to for what reason he’d done that, Morris said Johnston had been bugging him for a turn on the Xbox and that a companion from Christchurch had come and lifted him up.

The pair woke again around 10am, the court heard, and Morris was further tested by his mate.

Whenever inquired as to whether he had truly hit Johnston, Morris said he had “broke him twice”.

Morris ate with his family before coming back to the rest out to keep tidying up the blood on the sleeping pad and on the floor under it.

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Johnston endured a broken skull, cheekbone, and upper jaw on the left half of his head, just as a break from his eye to ear.

At the point when addressed police, Morris stated: “I haven’t done anything.”

He declined to remark amid a formal meeting.

Johnston’s family depicted him as a splendid, multi-capable, carefree, eloquent, gutsy, liberal, well disposed and minding young fellow with “a brilliant grin and comical inclination”.

“I trust that Oliver will be unfortunately missed by numerous individuals,” one relative said in her injured individual effect articulation today.

“The torment and enduring we have endured in painful and continuous. Nonetheless, I don’t need Oliver to ever be overlooked.”

He was a capable artist, playing different instruments, just as an energetic outside man who had chipped away at the Spirit of Adventure and helped manage crippled skiers at Mt Hutt.

Johnston’s homicide was depicted by family as an inhumane, fierce and insensitive homicide, and an “unfortunate misuse of youthful life”.

They trust that Morris can be restored in jail and that one day, after “impressive time”, be securely reintegrated into network.

Equity Rachel Dunningham adulated the family for their balance and poise and said thanks to them for breathing life into Johnston and giving “a genuine knowledge into what you’ve experienced”.

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